Solo Exhibition at the Jedlitschka Gallery in Zürich

Solo Exhibition at the Jedlitschka Gallery in Zürich Dew to public demand and of course my own wish, I am especially looking forward to this event.                                                                    

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Upcoming Project; Lipstick Leaders

A women leader portrait series. Art allows us the opportunity to experiment with the unknown! It’s a dive to a world that we have glimpsed into, but perhaps there are more liars than what meets the eye. Lipstick What is Woman Leadership?  Is there such a thing or is it just leadership in general?  Theories and opinions to the matter

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Appearance in the Swiss television

The last three years where full with events and project, here is a video from the show „Kulturmagazin“of the Swiss television that gives a good look at my work in that time. (The article is in German but has English subtitle option). The Article was published in June 2016 and was broadcasted by the SRF and 3Sat channel (Germany Austria

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