Lipstick Leaders

Lipstick Leaders, a portrait series.

The Vision:

A big wall, like in the old palaces and classical board rooms; side by side, floor to ceiling, a 100 portraits are hung in orderly fashion. Instead of novelty, clergy or old factory owners, in this vision, the wall is filled with portraits of leaders from various fields, Women Leaders. 


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The Project until now:

I created the concept for “Lipstick Leaders” by the end of 2016 and started drawing portraits  with leaders in my network; mostly women in leadership positions in and out of the corporate world.  As it sometime happens the project got wings and on January 18th, 2017 I started interviewing and painting the charcoal portraits of women leaders at the World Economic Forum (“WEF”) in Davos.

Since then I have made more than 30 portraits here in Switzerland and am constantly working on new ones, and would like to expand the project and deepen its impact.

On the project website you can find more information (concept and background), see most of the portraits done until now and read some of the interviews.

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