Upcoming Project; Lipstick Leaders

A women leader portrait series.

Art allows us the opportunity to experiment with the unknown! It’s a dive to a world that we have glimpsed into, but perhaps there are more liars than what meets the eye.


What is Woman Leadership?  Is there such a thing or is it just leadership in general?  Theories and opinions to the matter are different and change rapidly. “Lipstick Leaders” will be a Portrait series of Women leaders from different fields drawn on Canvas with charcoal and lipstick.

The intention behind the project is less about defying prejudices but more of recapitulating human perceptions, I believe that the more we allow our self to look at the social preconceptions we have as society, the freer we are to embrace them and move on.

Here you can read the whole concept: lipstick-leaders

First Portraits are allready done:

LL - low pixel (3)LL - low pixel (2)Studio_20170104_111642LL - low pixel (1)

all works are around 100×70 in size, chacoal and lipstick on canvas.