Nobody asked me to do what i do...

all I want is world peace

When I paint I don't paint people, I paint my encounters with them

News, what I am up to

Beautiful Women

Between the 22-29th of February, I stayed in Lesbos for an Art project that somehow spinned-off Lipstick Leaders. During this

Crayon Leaders – on going

During my work on my Project Lipstick Leaders I was often asked if I’m working on a “Men-Project” mostly during

I am Daniel Eisenhut

I am a Swiss based artist using a variety of painting and drawing techniques. Interaction is a key to my art and I often engage in projects which highlight social issues. I run workshops and seminars. I often visit other countries to engage in local projects

My portraits are drawn in very personal sessions, combining the representation of a person aesthetically and their essence as I see it. I get to know my subjects and the results are pieces that are less about copying an image and more about representing a person.

Paintings & Drawings