24 HR Live Painting

The basic Idea behind the 24HR painting is to bring Art and the creative process as close as possible to the spectator and can be easily explained as an event that mixes Performance, Painting and a traditional Art show. The concept is simple: I work with one or more models live in a gallery for 24HR, the whole process is open to public and media, the outcome of this Event generates the following Art-Show.

For me as an Artist it means creating the space where I have to let go of “wanting”, “thinking” and “fear” and dive into the void of my Art; be one with my Art.

Initially, the First 24HR was performed in 2003 at the “Machlleria del Arte” gallery in St. Gallen and through the years I was able to repeat 24HR for in different galleries and cities including Zurich, Geneva, and Novi Sad.  with the latest one in 2016 the Galerie Frank Pages in Geneva.

News Report on the Zurich TV station 

Short Clip about the show in 2015