Art, Breaking Bread, and what a Community has to with it?

Do you know that feeling?

That you are doing what you were meant to do.

That all the things you did up to now were here for you to do exactly what you are doing right now.

It’s a rare feeling and I can say for my part, that I felt like that only a few times in my life. But Saturday 23.9.23 was one of these times. A good friend invited 13 people, for a Supper, which became the starting point for a new #Art project.

If you can remember over the past decade, I’ve focused on exploring the concept of “community” and the artist’s role within it. Through artistic #collaborations with various sub-communities and subcultures, I’ve aimed to promote their inclusion in broader conversations. Some of the social groups I’ve worked with include Russian and Ukrainian mothers, adults with autism, Syrian refugee children, Swiss women leaders, and Belarusian #LGBTQ individuals, as well as people with dementia.

These art projects had a direct side effect of allowing all participants to share an intellectual/spiritual experience through art informally. This often resulted in a strengthened sense of personal self-awareness, which led to a constructive event if often only momentarily feeling of unity. This feeling became my primary motivation for creating art.

At the beginning of this year, inspired by an article that explained that: When a couple sits together with their smartphones on, their brain actually sends a feeling of loneliness. Hence, they are actually lonely even when they are together.

I took an old idea and worked on an “intimacy” #project, portraying couples and asking them what intimacy means to them.

A key question that emerged from the project was:

·      Will our children achieve the same intimacy that we can in the face of digital media and AI overflow?

·      Will they even be able to muster the patience and perseverance that is necessary to make a steadfast relationship possible?

The developments in the field of #AI over the past year and the deeper insight into our general relationship with #technology that I have gained through the “intimacy” project have paved the way for the start of an “Abendmahl” (Supper) art project.

“Abendmahl” is intended to explore the creation of a community through art. From the creation of small family cells through a Supper Event with 13 people, to the common self-perception of a community with 150 members, which is very diverse but has a clear – even if only artistic and cultural – common denominator.

In other words, if in the past, I focused on the importance of the single individual person in society this time around I’m focusing on society and what can unite us from the start.

The concept is simple:

In reference to the story of the “Last Supper of Christ” and its artistic traditions through the millennia, 13 people are invited to a supper. In an art action that moves between performance, and installation this «supper» is captured with a painting in all its facets as timely as possible.

These events, called “Abendmahl”, are repeated multiple times throughout Switzerland with new guests until around 150 people have been painted.

As I mentioned earlier this “Supper” last month, was only the Start. There are already Three more events are already planned and more in the planning. As in my past projects, I’m going to try to include all of Switzerland. So, focusing not only on the big cities but also rural areas like (Trogen AR 10.2.2024) and all language areas (Locarno Mai-June 24)

The next one will be in Zurich in the Kunstsichtbar gallery on Friday 17.11.23. it will be the official start of the project with a vernissage and a weeklong activity in the gallery the following week.

What it means to you should you want to join: Seating and heaving a Friday night Dinner with other people, during which, you will be painted as a group, as a community. The whole process will take around 3-4 hours and you won’t have to sit still all the time, it’s a dinner after all.

Would you like ot support this art-proejct?

Do you want more information? Just ask.