Lipstick Leaders at the HR Festival Zurich 2020

I was invited bs WOM! Art to showcase my Project Lipstick Leaders at the HR Festival in Zurich, but this time in a different version instead of the 100 portraits ill be showing three very large portraits of swiss women leaders.

Lipstick Leaders at Kunst19 Zurich Art Fair

Equal Pay Day Lausanne

Group Exhibition to the topic of Equality organized by the BPW Lausanne .

Lipstick Leaders at the Lean in Convention

Lipstick Leaders at the “Blian” event “Femmes Leaders”

I presented some of the portraits at two events of the Swiss business magazine “Blian” in Lausanne and Marigny

ZH NU- Manifesta 11

ZH NU (naked Zurich)

In the last years, I began studying the role of Art and the artist in a community, Out of this process, a series of projects developed that are dedicated to the documenting of specific Communities and through that creating a space where their inclusion with the general public (community) is possible (like; refugees in Syria, Gays in Belarus or Men with autism in Switzerland).  This series embodies my current work.

With ZH-NU I want to work on the same topic but form a different perspective.

Through the adding-up of different Nude-portraits from different people of the general Zürich community to one big work, I’m aiming at creating a new community.

I was working on the Project live at the Jedlitschka Gallery during the Manifesta 11 in Zurich.

Here is the Swiss TV report about it.