Beautiful Women

Between the 22-29th of February, I stayed in Lesbos for an Art project that somehow spinned-off Lipstick Leaders. During this week I was portraying Women refugees at a “Safe House” of the organization SAO

Not like in my past projects this time I did transform the original portraits into “nice” Pop-Art-like portraits. the idea behind this is to make the whole topic reachable and less freighting. So like in Lipstick Leaders changing the dialogue.

Notes to the Project “Beautiful Women” Feb.2021

As you might know, due to Covid this project didn’t take off as I planed it, although I did manage to fulfill some of my goals and create many variations of the Portraits I still have a taste for more, and according to how the Year developes I hope to give it one more go.

In my Print Shop you can find three Posters out of “Beautiful Women” that might interest you and your walls.

Crayon Leaders – on going

During my work on my Project Lipstick Leaders I was often asked if I’m working on a “Men-Project” mostly during the talk with different Leaders I portraited for this Project.

It was very clear to me how I want such a project to look like, the goal of Lipstick Leaders it’s to show the Women Leaders in a never before manner, I wanted to do the same with men leaders:

  • If I have portraited the women in a very serious and deferential manner in a Cathedral like style. The men portraits will be presented in a very chaotic, reachable and heartfelt manner.
  • If during the Lipstick Leaders I talked to the leaders manly on leadership and the day to day business. I want to talk with the men about matters of the heart.
  • If I portraited the women leaders, with charcoal and with only red lipstick I will draw the men leaders with Crayons the should be colorful and almost naïve.

With that I don’t want to show Men in a “softer light” or “belittle” them. I want to show Men as they “Also” really are, they are Leaders people who carry a Social and Economical responsibility. And they are Fathers

Crayon Leaders – Concept

Crayon Leaders – Konzept

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