Von Fr – So 3. – 5. Februar 2023 Unter dem Motto «Intim» werde ich in der Galerie «Kunstsichtbar» Paare porträtieren.

Galerie kunstsichtbar Februar 2023


Intim: Intimität mit meiner Kunst zu folgen ist ein lang ersehnter Wunsch von mir. Vor allem die Frage «wie wird Intimität in mein Werk erfasst/gezeigt?».  Kann ich sie sehen? Wie wird meine Wahrnehmung im Bild gespiegelt? Dies gedacht ausserhalb der übliche Bildkompositionen die für Romantik und «Liebesbeziehungen» Kunsthistorisch gedacht sind.

«wenn ich und mein Mann ein Film schauen jeder in seiner Ecke der Sofa und zwischen uns ein grosse Schale Popcorn liegt». 

An einem vergangenen Versuch so ein Projekt zu starten, fragte ich ein bekannte die Mutter dreier Kinder sei wie spiegelt sich Intimität in Ihre Beziehung, Sie meinte «wenn ich und mein Mann ein Film schauen jeder in seiner Ecke der Sofa und zwischen uns ein grosse Schale Popcorn liegt». 

Diese Bild faszinierte mich, weil sie in Kontrast zu jegliche piktorale Idee über Intimität stand. Als ich mich hinsetzte um der jetzige Projektversion zu schereiben wurde mir dieser Satz wieder ins Bewusstsein gezogen. Ich will nicht die Idee oder das Klischee zu Intimität sehen ich will die wahre einfache oder komplexe Realität sehen. 

Intim – Konzept – Concept

Beautiful Women

Between the 22-29th of February, I stayed in Lesbos for an Art project that somehow spinned-off Lipstick Leaders. During this week I was portraying Women refugees at a “Safe House” of the organization SAO

Not like in my past projects this time I did transform the original portraits into “nice” Pop-Art-like portraits. the idea behind this is to make the whole topic reachable and less freighting. So like in Lipstick Leaders changing the dialogue.

Notes to the Project “Beautiful Women” Feb.2021

As you might know, due to Covid this project didn’t take off as I planed it, although I did manage to fulfill some of my goals and create many variations of the Portraits I still have a taste for more, and according to how the Year developes I hope to give it one more go.

In my Print Shop you can find three Posters out of “Beautiful Women” that might interest you and your walls.

Crayon Leaders – on going

During my work on my Project Lipstick Leaders I was often asked if I’m working on a “Men-Project” mostly during the talk with different Leaders I portraited for this Project.

It was very clear to me how I want such a project to look like, the goal of Lipstick Leaders it’s to show the Women Leaders in a never before manner, I wanted to do the same with men leaders:

  • If I have portraited the women in a very serious and deferential manner in a Cathedral like style. The men portraits will be presented in a very chaotic, reachable and heartfelt manner.
  • If during the Lipstick Leaders I talked to the leaders manly on leadership and the day to day business. I want to talk with the men about matters of the heart.
  • If I portraited the women leaders, with charcoal and with only red lipstick I will draw the men leaders with Crayons the should be colorful and almost naïve.

With that I don’t want to show Men in a “softer light” or “belittle” them. I want to show Men as they “Also” really are, they are Leaders people who carry a Social and Economical responsibility. And they are Fathers

Crayon Leaders – Concept

Crayon Leaders – Konzept

Join the Project :

    Lipstick Leaders 2016-2018

    Lipstick Leaders, a leaders portrait series

    I started Lipstick Leaders in October 2016 with the basic Idea of creating an installation with around 100 portraits of Leaders from different levels and form various branches; economic, spiritual, educational and political leadership. The portraits will be hung in an orderly fashion on one wall from top to bottom, like in the past the portraits will be strong and stern but in contradiction to the past, only Women Leaders will be presented.

    During the two years process of the original leadership portrait project “Lipstick Leaders” and the few weeks after the premiere on June 1st 2018 many ideas and possibilities emerged, wanting to gain on this powerful momentum, I have decided to take a jump forward.

    In the coming years, I’m planning to continue portraying Leaders and with additional Events like the one in June create spaces where Art meets community.

    Today 2020 I have portraited over 150 Leaders and have shown the collection in various foramtions all over Switzerland – two more presentations ar planed for 2020.

    Medial coverage of the project 

    Lipstick-Leaders-ENG – Concept

    Lipstick-Leaders-DE Konzept

    The Club – September 2016

    The Club: Inclusion project with Autisms Schweiz, Round Table Schweiz, and JCI Schweiz

    For the first half of 2016, I was working on a portrait project that aimed at bringing two worlds together that in normal life would be very hard to.

    Concept – by portraying Men and Women with Autism and members of the social clubs of Round Table Switzerland and JCI Switzerland and the then presenting these portraits together, I created a new Club.

    A Social Club, where all have a say in, People with or without Autism.

    The project was presented at the Jdelitschka Gallery in Zürich.

    The Club – Portraits

    Pressetext the club

    Matthias Huber – Empfehlung

    The Pink Mark – July 2015

    The Pink Mark

    In July 2015 at the ZECH gallery in Minsk Belarus, in a project that moved between painting and performance, I created an installation; the installation intended to commemorate the Gay victims of the Nazi persecution and embrace them in the collective memory of the Holocaust. In the same time, the whole project came to awaken the awareness to the topics of tolerance and human rights.

    In order to underline the message of the installation, visitors to the show were encouraged to mark the work of the person they thought is queer (women or men) with a pink triangle – the same sign that the Nazis marked Gays in there death camps.

    This project was initiated by Gay Belarus/ identity and ToBeQueer two human rights organizations that work in Minsk they will do the organizational work on the ground. During the exhibition, they will facilitate lectures and workshop on the topics of tolerance and human rights in the same space.

    According to the organizers the event; the show, with its vast media coverage and a very diverse crowd of more than 2000 visitors during the two weeks of the exhibition, was by far a great success.

    The Pink Mark – Intro and main works


    “la classe” (the Syrian project) September 2015

    La Class

    The installation would be a collection of children portraits made with Syrian children in a refugee camp and with children from Switzerland; the portraits will be done very simply, with a black pen on A4 paper and will be framed in a plain manner.

    They will be installed on a wall as one group as if belonging to one class.

    The Project was presented at the La Sud Gallery in November 2015 Zurich

    Project concept – la classe – concept

    All the 55 Portraits – la classe 2015