Crayon Leaders – on going

During my work on my Project Lipstick Leaders I was often asked if I’m working on a “Men-Project” mostly during the talk with different Leaders I portraited for this Project.

It was very clear to me how I want such a project to look like, the goal of Lipstick Leaders it’s to show the Women Leaders in a never before manner, I wanted to do the same with men leaders:

  • If I have portraited the women in a very serious and deferential manner in a Cathedral like style. The men portraits will be presented in a very chaotic, reachable and heartfelt manner.
  • If during the Lipstick Leaders I talked to the leaders manly on leadership and the day to day business. I want to talk with the men about matters of the heart.
  • If I portraited the women leaders, with charcoal and with only red lipstick I will draw the men leaders with Crayons the should be colorful and almost naïve.

With that I don’t want to show Men in a “softer light” or “belittle” them. I want to show Men as they “Also” really are, they are Leaders people who carry a Social and Economical responsibility. And they are Fathers

Crayon Leaders – Concept

Crayon Leaders – Konzept

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