Lipstick Leaders 2016-2018

Lipstick Leaders, a leaders portrait series

I started Lipstick Leaders in October 2016 with the basic Idea of creating an installation with around 100 portraits of Leaders from different levels and form various branches; economic, spiritual, educational and political leadership. The portraits will be hung in an orderly fashion on one wall from top to bottom, like in the past the portraits will be strong and stern but in contradiction to the past, only Women Leaders will be presented.

During the two years process of the original leadership portrait project “Lipstick Leaders” and the few weeks after the premiere on June 1st 2018 many ideas and possibilities emerged, wanting to gain on this powerful momentum, I have decided to take a jump forward.

In the coming years, I’m planning to continue portraying Leaders and with additional Events like the one in June create spaces where Art meets community.

Today 2020 I have portraited over 150 Leaders and have shown the collection in various foramtions all over Switzerland – two more presentations ar planed for 2020.

Medial coverage of the project 

Lipstick-Leaders-ENG – Concept

Lipstick-Leaders-DE Konzept