Paintings & Drawings

Flowers & Landscapes

I paint all the time, sometimes I'll use paint. Painting and drawing Landscapes and Still-life are for me a way of staying sober and focused, I try to approach painting/portraying plants and landscapes as I would do with people- it's a constant dialogue.


The purity and vulnerability of the body in its most natural state is, in my opinion, the most fascinating subject I can find. It is as if I can see the wholesomeness and beauty of the human body in all its forms and shapes. The challenge and privilege of getting to know someone during the process of my work may be the biggest motivation I have. That’s why I work only with the models present.

The People

The main body of work of The People series I was manifested in between 2009 and 2016, it is mainly a reflection of a personal transformation the I was going through during this time. These series consist of numerous small works on paper and crayons, and around 20 large works that with some exception where all made with industrial paint on canvas.