Lipstick Leaders 2016-2019

Lipstick Leaders, a leaders portrait series On the 1st of June 2018 Daniel Eisenhut’s “Lipstick Leaders” premiered at The Kraftwerk

Photos out of the work process here Daniel Eisenhut’s works on one of the two scenic charcoal drawings of “The Pink Mark” Waiting for Women was done with models present in one session for 8 hours.

The Pink Mark – July 2015

Art Project on the topic of human rights and tolerance When approaching a new project, Daniel Eisenhut values authenticity above


From Friday to Sunday, February 3 – 5, 2023 Under the motto “Intim” I have portraited of couples in the

Beautiful Women

Between the 22-29th of February, I stayed in Lesbos for an Art project that somehow spinned-off Lipstick Leaders. During this

Fathers and Leaders 2017-19

During my work on my Project Lipstick Leaders, I was often asked if I’m working on a “Men-Project” mostly during

The Club – September 2016

The Club: Inclusion project with Autisms Schweiz, Round Table Schweiz, and JCI Schweiz For the first half of 2016, I

“la classe” (the Syrian project) September 2015

La Class The installation would be a collection of children’s portraits made with Syrian children in a refugee camp and

The Shoulders We Stand On

Questions: In an urban world where the craving for youth is almost insatiable, a business world focused only on strength

24 HR Live Painting

The basic Idea behind the 24HR painting is to bring Art and the creative process as close as possible to