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Von Fr – So 3. – 5. Februar 2023 Unter dem Motto «Intim» werde ich in der Galerie «Kunstsichtbar» Paare

Beautiful Women

Between the 22-29th of February, I stayed in Lesbos for an Art project that somehow spinned-off Lipstick Leaders. During this

Crayon Leaders – on going

During my work on my Project Lipstick Leaders I was often asked if I’m working on a “Men-Project” mostly during


Lipstick Leaders 2016-2018

Lipstick Leaders, a leaders portrait series I started Lipstick Leaders in October 2016 with the basic Idea of creating an

The Club – September 2016

The Club: Inclusion project with Autisms Schweiz, Round Table Schweiz, and JCI Schweiz For the first half of 2016, I

The Pink Mark – July 2015

The Pink Mark In July 2015 at the ZECH gallery in Minsk Belarus, in a project that moved between painting

“la classe” (the Syrian project) September 2015

La Class The installation would be a collection of children portraits made with Syrian children in a refugee camp and