ZH NU- Manifesta 11

ZH NU (naked Zurich)

In the last years, I began studying the role of Art and the artist in a community, Out of this process, a series of projects developed that are dedicated to the documenting of specific Communities and through that creating a space where their inclusion with the general public (community) is possible (like; refugees in Syria, Gays in Belarus or Men with autism in Switzerland).  This series embodies my current work.

With ZH-NU I want to work on the same topic but form a different perspective.

Through the adding-up of different Nude-portraits from different people of the general Zürich community to one big work, I’m aiming at creating a new community.

I was working on the Project live at the Jedlitschka Gallery during the Manifesta 11 in Zurich.

Here is the Swiss TV report about it.